Stepping Stones

Strengthening Your Cultural Competence

Embedding cultural understanding within individual and organizational practice requires the understanding that we are cultural beings and culture is all around us. Culture affects everything that we do; individuals/people, citizens/nations and organizations require an awareness of culture, an awareness of their worldview and openness to others. The ability to strengthen cultural understanding relies on individuals increasing their adaptability to others and becoming culturally self-aware.

Stepping Stones is designed to strengthen individual and organizational cultural competence. Together we will work to establishing or reinforcing understanding of the importance of culture and the commitment for increased individual and organizational cultural competence. Providing options for embedding cultural initiatives into daily practice through knowing, being and doing: Head, Heart, and Hands. Introduce participants to the dimensions of culture, the concepts of Microaggressions and Cognitive Bias, and to understand the importance of developing the habit of reflective practice

This interactive workshop can be tailored to your organization’s needs. For more information please contact