Intercultural Development Inventory

Lorna is a Qualified Administrator of the IDI® and works with many individuals and organizations to strengthen their cultural competence. Lorna works to support individuals to follow their personal learning plan, and assist organizations to build and implement a framework to move their organization forward.

Culture is all around us, in everything we do; it is the unwritten rules in the coffee room, and the how business is done in the boardroom.  What does this mean for individuals that are trying to understand a culture different than their own, who are stuck, not understanding that there are other ways of knowing, being and doing; one framework to guide understanding  is Hammer’s Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI):

The IDI is a 50 question online assessment, taking 20 to 30 minutes to complete. The IDI has high cross-cultural validity, and has been tested extensively. The IDI is not a test, it is an intercultural tool that supports leadership development, individual learning, and is widely used for baseline assessments to measure both future growth and to set the stage for learning forward in order to become culturally responsive individuals and organizations.

Individual or organizational debriefing sessions can be tailored to you, or your organization’s needs. For more information please contact

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