Meet the Team

Lorna M. Callbeck Cross

President & Principal Facilitator

Lorna Callbeck Cross is a graduate of the MA in Global Leadership, from Royal Roads University in Victoria. Lorna is President and Founder of People Things Consulting, with 35 years proven expertise, as an employee and consultant, supporting corporations, not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions, and individuals. Lorna is very proud of her rural roots, growing up on a mix cattle grain operation in northwest Saskatchewan. Lorna is committed to increasing mental health education and finding ways to encourage these much needed conversations.

Cassie Josephson

Director & Facilitator

Cassie Josephson is a recent graduate from the University of Saskatchewan, with a Bachelor of Science degree in AgriBusiness. After successful sales roles within the agriculture industry, she joined People Things Consulting as Director and Facilitator. Cassie is passionate about breaking barriers and stigmas around mental health, to help create safe, inclusive communities. Throughout her own educational and personal journey, Cassie has seen first-hand the effects of lack of education and stigma surrounding mental health.

Codee Josephson

Manager of Occupational Health & Safety

Codee Josephson is extremely passionate about the personal wellbeing of all the humans. She insists her fellow coworkers take snack and walking breaks and enjoys a good nap once the hard work is done. In her free time, she enjoys frolicking in the snow, jumping in the South Saskatchewan River, and laying in the way of people’s feet.  Codee’s eight years of experience being a loving, devoted and intelligent companion have prepared her to take on the coveted role of “office dog”. She is excited to join People Things Consulting in this new role and looks forward to creating a healthy and safe work environment.

Letty Josephson-Scarlett


Letty Josephson-Scarlett was hired in June of 2019, eager to complete her first summer student position. She is a certified farm dog and brings new knowledge to the table. People Things Consulting is very pleased to give Letty the opportunity to learn and grow within the company. While she loves to play with her new co-worker Codee, she enjoys a good nap in the shade.